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BELTEI Tour will become the most well-known company in tour services in both Cambodia and foreign countries, and it will be recognized all over the world.


To achieve the above vision, BELTEI Tour equips modern equipment and has the mission below:

-Guiding local and international tourists and informing clearly about culture, civilization, customs, tradition, religion, territory, bays, exquisite temples and other important tour destinations in the country.

-The company has modern buses and skillful-personal drivers with adequate experiences in driving.

-Guides have modest behavior; they know history and resorts clearly, and they can serve you well.

-Selecting a comfortable-environmental hotel and a high class restaurant; selecting the best tour destinations for your desire.

-Passport services: To prepare a new passport, to extend a passport, and to attach a child's photo on the passport.

-Selling air tickets for domestic and countries overseas around the world.


Having the above vision, preparing the mission carefully, and having good serving staff, we hope and believe that tourists who travel with BELTEI Tour will enjoy and have a pleasant experience; they will know the historical destinations and love their own country more, and will be proud of being born in their wonderful Angkorian territory.


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